The Male Libido: How to increase your sexual confidence?

Don’t remember when you were horny last time with your husband in the bed? Simply put, you’ve lost interest in sex.

A lot can be affected by the libido, and most often the sexual desire killers are:

  • Stress and Everyday– Some of us under stress work fantastically, but when it comes to sex, they are blocked. Work, care, care for a sick family member, and other stressful situations can negatively affect libido.
  • Problems Related– This problem especially applies to women. For women, emotional closeness is an integral part of sexual desire. Poor communication, tortuous discussions, losers of trust and similar barriers on the path of intimacy can disrupt sexual instinct.
  • Critical Look at Your Body– It’s hard to feel sexy and desirable with a lack of self-confidence. If you often repeat that you are fat and point to the smallest trace of cellulite in your thighs, your partner will reject it, and you will not be arousing your desire. With better nutrition, exercise and physical activity, you will have a better look, and you will feel better, and your sexual desire will increase.
  • Too little sleep – If morning’s “quicky” is a part of the far past, perhaps the problem is that you get up early and go to bed late. Too little sleep creates fatigue, and fatigue undermines sexual instinct.
  • Parenting– Parenting in itself is not the cause of losing sexual arousal or charge, but most parents know that it is sometimes difficult to find time for intimacy with children who are constantly at your side. Especially if you share the room. Sometimes it is very sexy to play with the ability to catch you, but this is not the case at the moment. Here and there find a baby sitter or use a grandmother’s service and dedicate yourself to your relationship without limitation.
  • Alcohol– A drink or two usually relaxes us, but it is not always so. Alcohol can amuse us, but also kill sexual desire. And if your sex drive is good with alcohol, maybe your partner will not like it, and maybe it’s just a lazy button.
  • Menopause– Fifty percent of women in menopause start losing their will to sex though they believe it is important to have active sex life. Symptoms that occur in menopause, such as dry vagina or pain during intercourse, can make sex uncomfortable. Hormonal changes are just part of the story. Women are concerned that reduced sexual desire will affect the quality of their relationship. It is also affected by the lack of self-confidence due to its looks, the medicines it takes.
  • Too intimacy– Sex without intimacy is detrimental to sexual instinct. Intimacy is not just a version of sex. Intimacy is also a socializing with a partner. It’s important to spend time together, to talk, to change the tenderness … It is important to spend time together, to talk, to change the tenderness … A kiss in a “flight,” a gentle look, smile or touch is a good way to increase sexual desire.


How to cope with a lack of desire?

  • Play, seduce, provoke, harass …Men, but women are visual types. And auditory. And speculative. Men see, hear, and imagine. When you absorb all receptors and senses – you will be very grateful, and you will see it yourself.
  • Talk …Ask him what he wants you to do, wife will make things easier, and a man will have the feeling to rule the situation even when he does not rule.
  • Women masturbate! …Although female masturbation is not a common theme among moms, it should be. Women’s self-sufficiency can greatly contribute to a healthier relationship and better sex between partners. Whatever the method of self-sufficiency of a woman chooses, this can improve her mood. And along with the instructions that will be cited by a partner, bring both to the new peaks.
  • Initiate sex …If a man who initiates sex in your relationship is time to take the initiative.
  • Get out of bed …Have you already “baptized” a kitchen table, a bath, a staircase, a couch, an armchair, a carpet, a “wardrobe”, a bar, a toilet? If so, do it again or go out.
  • Sex in the public place …The thought of sex while there is a possibility that someone caught you and the most striking woman attacked. Such a script draws everyone’s imagination.
  • Sexy toys … TheInternet offers the possibility of anonymous purchasing sex aids but you can get results with this penimaster pro, if you are inconspicuously shy. You do not have to be ashamed to go into a sex shop to choose something nice for your sex toys, but you can order everything online and your order arrives in front of you. Best of all, sexy toys are no longer focused solely on women but there are also a variety of men’s toys, so choose each one for your own good.
  • Try something new …Dare yourself to love in front of the mirror. Although you may not be attracted to this idea, you will see that you will both enjoy the erotic scene.
  • Cyber ​​Sex …If you’re shy about words, why not negotiate cyber sex with your partner. Each side of the screen run the story. What you have on yourself, what you would do to each other … Let yourself be imagined, and later you can accomplish these fantasies. Do not underestimate cyber sex because it can be a great prediction to what follows. Especially if your correspondence is supported and by which intimate photos.

Placing a lascivious SMS during the day can awaken the eruption of the lazy volcano of your passion.

Try it!