Does Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Work?

Nutrisysmte has been helping dieters lose weight in a healthy and safe manner. Their plans are most affordable and start as less than $10 per day. The diet foods are delivered right to the dieters door step and the program provides free online tools and trackers to track the progress. Nutrisystem has recently launched Turbo 13 following which one can lose weight up to 13 lbs and 7 inches in the first month. You can learn about nutrisystem’s new turbo 13 program by reading this review article.

When you get started with Nutrisystem, you will be sent a Turbo Takeoff kit in the first month. The kit contains specially prepared meals for the first week, shakes, bars and turbo boosters. The kit is totally designed to jump start your weight loss journey with Nutrisystem. The system really works for you if you sincerely follow their dietary guidelines. After completing the first month, you can switch over to any of the plans offered by Nutrisystem and lose weight up to 2 lbs per week which is a gradual and steady weight loss.

Nutirsystem Turbo 13 is almost similar to the earlier launch Lean 13 however with new additions. In Turbo 13, women are provided with Turboshakes while the men are offered NutriPro shakes. These protein shakes are enriched with probiotics that improves the digestion and fiber that keeps you feeling full for a longer time.  Besides, the dieters get NutriCurb bars that suppress the hunger pangs if any that arise between the meals. These bars are made using rice, ground peanuts and chocoloate and contain 13 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber. The kit contains the all new Turbo Boosters which can be had mixing in shakes. These are designed to pep your metabolism and energy levels.

Turbo 13 serves as a kick starter plan that delivers the confidence of losing weight in the first month which encourages dieters to continue and benefit from the program. Therefore, the program is worth trying.