Reasons why water and sanitation provide social and financial benefits

In several parts of the world there are countries moving towards development. In these areas with lesser clean water and sanitation still significant disease conditions still persist. Although continents like Asia and latin america showed progress in health over the past 2 decades there are still countries and continents still lagging behind. Nearly 20 years into the new millennium and there is still space for improvement in the millennium development goals.

Social Benefits of  Water and Sanitation

Supply of clean water and sanitation have substantial non – economic or social benefits for the environment and public health. The benefits received from public health, water and sanitation stands at the ratio of costs 7:1 in upcoming countries around the world.

Firstly, conserving and keeping natural water resources from environment pollutants is one great benefit. It helps to reduce the global water scarcity issue. The social benefits are sizeable and cannot be numbered. However, they are of a higher value to public health and individuals in society. It gives overall health, social dignity, cleanliness & hygiene. As mentioned in , It reduces water – borne diseases from spreading to areas through maintaining hygiene & cleanliness in water reservoirs, etc.

Economic Benefits Of Water & Sanitation

Proper management of supply & demand of water & sanitation assists in delivering the end – economic benefits to all. This benefits the capital investors to provide services right to the end users of water/ sanitation. Time is money and when people stand in a line to use services like public water & santination it takes their time. Poorer health facilities leads to diseases like worm infestations, etc. that leads to reduced energy, irritability and concentration issues. Such affected students suffer decreased learning quality sometimes stopping school. Over time, it affects educational investment.