Top 10 Popular Exercises That Can Hurt Your Back

Doing the right exercise will help a great deal for your back and it can even strengthen the back. If the pain is unbearable you need to immediately consult a doctor and even specialist like robotic spine surgeon in NJ if needed.

Exercise to avoid

Toe- touching-Try toe-touching with hamstring support, do not try to perform it without the support as it can strain your back.

Crunches/spines Instead of crunches, you need to opt for planks.

Running- Even though running helps to burn more calories it can create a problem for your back, hence you should do walking which is the low impact alternative.

Spinning with rounded back- Cycling and biking in a leaning forward position can create stress on your back.

Leg raises- One of the worst exercises which could give stress to your back is leg raises which targets the abdominal muscles. Instead of doing regular leg raise, you should opt for reverse curl-ups which give very less stress on the back.

High impact aerobics- Aerobics demands a lot of twisting of back and it can create lots of pain. Better opt for swimming which does not stress out the back but it further enhances the spinal column support thereby reducing pain.

Inclined treadmill– You need to completely avoid the inclined treadmill and instead opt for a safer substitute which is the stair climber.

Overhead should press- Doing overhead shoulder press can compress spine, instead, you should go for lateral raises that works on the shoulders without stressing the back.

Regular yoga- If regular yoga is not working out for you and creates more pain in the back, then try out the yoga in a heated room. It helps in loosening the tight muscles which less effort.

Sit-ups- It should be completely avoided as it hardly gives any benefit to the body and creates more problems.

Low Carb Diet Menu For 7 Days

A low carb diet restricts specific carbs that are foods such as bread, pasta, pizza and other sugar foods. It is generally high in protein and includes more fruits and vegetables. The diet market is filled with lots of low carb diets that help you lose weight and improve health. Commercial weight loss programs like Nutrisystem, Medifast, Jenny Craig, etc also supply low carb diet meals that help dieters shed weight fast. Among these commercially acclaimed weight loss programs, Nutrisystem is considered to be very convenient to follow. Here nutrisystem vs medifast pros and cons care discussed for you to choose the most suitable plan.

In any diet plan, your food choices are totally dependent on your current health, your current physical activity and also how much you have to lose. You will have to consider this as a general guideline for any diet plan that you are likely to follow. In a low carb diet, you will be eating foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, meat, nuts, seeds, dairy, fats and healthy oils and also grains that do not contain gluten. You will not eat wheat, sugar, trans fat, processed foods and low fat products. It is recommended that you avoid starchy foods if you are following a low carb diet. Though many dairy products contain low fat they probably contain added sugar.

Ensure that the following foods are added your diet menu for 7 days:

  • Meat: Lamb, beef, chicken, pork; grass fed is recommended
  • Fish: Trout, salmon, haddock – caught wild
  • Eggs: Pasteurized eggs or omega 3 enriched
  • Vegetables: Broccoli, spinach, carrots, cauliflower and others
  • Fruits: Blueberries, Apples, Oranges, Pears and Strawberries
  • Nuts and seeds: Walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, etc
  • High-fat dairy: Yogurt, butter, cheese and heavy cream
  • Fats and oils: Olive oil, coconut oil, lard, butter and fish oil

The Best Foods That Can Fight Sugar Cravings

More than half the population in this world have a sweet tooth and nothing can keep them apart from their sugary treats. While some study suggests that their taste buds could be a reason for this, few other studies reveal that the reason behind their infinite love for something sweet could be hereditary. Nevertheless, whatever are the reasons, having too much sweet is definitely not good for anyone, mainly because it causes health problems such as bad teeth, diabetics, weight gain, etc.

Thus, the problem statement here is what to do when you know that too much sugar is bad for you yet cannot control your desire to consume some. Well, the solution is simple. Look for other alternatives, more specifically, seek out healthier options to fight your sugar cravings but at the same time please your sweet tooth.

Here are some great foods that will help you fight your craving for sugar.

  1. Fruits & Certain Vegetables – These are the best alternatives that are naturally sweet with high fiber Certain vegetables that are naturally sweet can also be consumed raw, for instance, sweet potatoes and carrots.
  2. Dark Chocolate – Most of us are chocolate lovers and there is nothing more satisfying than taking a bite into your favorite However, you can swap your usual milk chocolates to the healthier dark chocolate varieties to fulfill your cravings.
  3. Snack Bars – This can get a little tricky when it comes to selection. You need to choose one that is rich in grains and naturally sweet ingredients like dried fruits instead of the unhealthier options.
  4. Others – You can also try out other alternatives for sugary foods such as chia seeds, legumes, yogurt, dates, etc. which are all naturally sweet.
  5. Sugar-free Products – Your last option is to pick out the sugar-free varieties of whatever you are consuming, for instance, sugar-free sweetener, sugar-free bubble gum, sugar-free biscuits, etc.

You can also fight your sugar cravings by following certain types of diets, for example, the keto diet, which allows you to consume a minimum amount of carbs that can cure your cravings for sugar as well. It is a win-win situation where you restrict what you eat but at the same time are satisfied with what you have eaten. Check out for more information on this.

The Ultimate Tips to Have a Safe and Healthy Luxury Yacht Charter

Fortunately, yachts are unimaginably sheltered and extremely very much arranged if there happens to be an occurrence of a crisis, albeit certain great arranging is essential in case you have wellbeing issues. Here we will analyze all the security and wellbeing concerns found on,that will make them feel loose and sure about accepting your yacht contract.

Wellbeing onboard

The wellbeing history of privatized yachts is stunning, and you ought to have no feelings of dread at all moving toward the yacht contract. Truth be told, insights will reveal to you that you’re fiercely more at risk in your auto while in transit towards the yacht than on board the yacht.

Sanction vessels are worked to a great degree demanding worldwide security gauges with standard reviews to maintain them dispatch oriented.


Yachting get-aways are to a great degree alright for kids, as the group dependably have a nearby eye on youngsters while they get in and play around with water. Anyways, they will be having a great time in a protected and managed environment.


As yachts do not have specialists or centers locally available, they are exceptionally all around arranged for emergency medical crises. Contract yachts convey a noteworthy medication pack with them, and the larger part conveying certain genuine lifesaving hardware.

Pick the destination wisely

In case you have wellbeing concerns, we prescribe staying away from remote contract places and rather requesting that your specialist propose certain stunning locations with great clinics and medicinal services in quick nearness. Extensive medical coverage is an undeniable prerequisite for going on yachts, though you’re in flawless wellbeing.


In case you have mobility concerns, there exist yachts that are tailored for such clients, with a wheel chair and lifts access on board. Talk to your intermediary to discover a yacht that meets your requirements.

Going on a yachting get-away is an extraordinary encounter in life. Additionally, when you realize that your wellbeing and security are in great control, you may get caught up with arranging your fantasy yacht contract.…