Safe Tanning Tips You Need to Know to Get That Healthy Tan

A well-bronzed skin is a head turner no doubt but overzealous exposure to the sun will result in wrinkles, unsightly freckles, and pigmentation which will mar your skin. In fact, your skin will have a weathered rubbery look too if you don’t take care of it. That doesn’t mean you can never get the suntan of your dreams; by following the below tips you can be sure that you will stay safe and also be the proud owner of a beautiful tan.

  1. Start with exfoliation: For that perfect tan, you must first remove all the dead cells from the epidermal layer of the skin. This act will not only even out your skin tone but will also remove oils and dirt trapped in your pores. You can use a homemade scrub of sugar and oatmeal or buy any of the reputed brands’ scrubs over the counter.
  2. Don’t overlook the sunscreen: Yes, despite what people believe for that ultimate tan you must wear a sunscreen because you still need protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Too much exposure is not good: In your eagerness to get a proper tan don’t get sunburned. Spending a whole day at the beach is not a good idea. Do not spend more than half an hour at a time in the sun. Definitely avoid the peak midday sun when the sun is at its harshest and no UV protection is good enough.
  4. Sunglasses and Hat are a must: Wear wide-brimmed hat of almost two to three inches brim to protect your face, nose, and your ears. You can even choose a shade cap if hats are not your thing. Your eyes are very sensitive and need complete protection from the sun. use large sunglasses that protect your eyes from all angles and do not let light enter.

Take good care of your skin and once you hit mid-thirties read up on the best anti aging creams reviews for healthy skin and do not scrimp but invest in them because your skin really matters.…