Rules for happiness and the secrets of happy women

There is a famous quote that you cannot buy happiness, you need to create it within yourself. We can easily notice that certain people tend to be happier than other specially women. It simply means that they have set a certain rules in their life to be happy, or we can say that there are always some secrets. These few points will justify this statement.

  1. Keep your mornings calm: This is the key rule to a happy and gratifying life. Give yourself five minutes to sit back and relax. Stretch, meditate or eat a filling breakfast, just do whatever that gives you happiness. Choose to stay in natural light as it calibrates your body manner.
  2. A perfectly healthy and balanced diet: Do not starve yourself in the name of dieting. Befriend with fruits and vegetables. They will keep your hormones in control and ultimately you will live a healthier life. A happy heart stays in healthy body only.
  3. Follow your heart: This is a common notion that is hard to believe. Travel, if you feel like. Go out for dinner of you want. This little freedom and brighten your day, week or even months.
  4. Proper sleep: I agree women have lots of chores and responsibilities but a good night sleep will refurbish you for the next day and week. Listen to your body talks. Take rest if it asks because rest and sleep is a necessity to maintain the body’s potential.
  5. Exchange gifts: Women love both giving and getting surprises and gifts are one of the biggest secret to their happiness. Well, if you are searching a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your husband or boyfriend, Gucci wallet for men sale is on. You can choose the one you like. The smile on your better half’s face is enough to make them happy.

How to Reduce Stress: The Best Relaxation Techniques To Reduce Stress

Stress and anxiety are one of the most common problems for many people. There can be many things that can add up to the stress, small incidents like traffic jams to bigger matters like financial or business issues. There are many people who say they live a stressful life.  Here are a few relaxation techniques to reduce stress and lead a peaceful life.

1) Meditation: Mediation is a process of sitting in a comfortable position, eyes closed and focusing on our breathing instead of drifting into troubling thoughts. Mediation can reduce stress levels can help you focus on the present.

2) Exercise: Exercising is known to release endorphin that is helpful in uplifting the mood by working as a natural painkiller. Exercise also improves sleep quality. If you are stressed try to find simple exercise activities that you enjoy like walking, jogging or dancing.

3) Find a hobby: Hobbies help to focus on small activities reliving the stress. Keep yourself busy with your favorite hobbies like reading books, painting.

4) Cleaning: It may sound uncanny but cleaning can help in bringing down your stress levels. Simple activities like organizing your wardrobe or cleaning your garden can be one option to reduce the stress levels. Check out this link to read about leaf blowers to keep your garden and yard clean.

5) Spend time with family and friends: Spending time with friends and family can support you to get through stressful times. Studies have shown that spending time family release a natural reliever called oxytocin. Talking to friends and family can also help you to find solutions to get out of the stressful situations.

6) Music: Studies have shown music has a very relaxing effect on the body. Listening to soothing instrumental music can make you feel relaxed helping lower the blood pressure. Playing some music while having a hot bubble bath can work as a major stress buster.…