How Instagram Can Improve Your Health and Help You Lose Weight

It might seem surprising to you, but Instagram can help you improve your health and motivate you to lose weight. You might be asking: “Really? How is Instagram going to do all of that?”, and yes it seems confusing because it is, Instagram seems to just be a regular social media site and nothing else, but there are a couple of reasons which we list in this article that show you that Instagram can really help you in your journey.

  • It’s a motivator

A lot of Instagram stars, especially ones that lost a lot of weight, will post inspirational before and after pics, where some have gone from morbidly obese to under 23.5 BMI in a year, they will also post inspirational quotes, videos and music for you to consume while working out or trying to resist the temptation of eating a donut. Find these people and follow them on your journey.

  • It’s a great guide

Instagram weight loss gurus can often teach you workouts, diets and the such to help you on your weight loss journey, weight loss is a hard science and you need to know what to eat, how to exercise, what sort of exercises to do and the such to actually start losing fat.

  • You can post your own journey and watch people follow it

Post your own journey on Instagram, take photos every day and watch as people rally behind you on the comments section, this is great motivation and will definitely help you in the long run. People will often also offer to help you find another Instagram Follower Paypal to follow and work with, people who do this will find it easier to keep on a diet and work out consistently.…